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"I am Lady kennedy this is my Therapeutic and Cleaning Service and my 2 businesses I have been doing this so long its like second nature to me I was put in foster care and adopted young so through these provision I learn to feel for other people and no the hardship of kids and what they need I worked very had to gain 13 degrees so I'd be able to help others so I feel I am the right women to mentor and train and provide for other people kids and also to take care ho businesses and counsel adults and families why I have laid on the sofa and cleaned houses now I am providing the services
Diane Kennedy
"I'm Lady kennedy I am 57 a women of the times i have lived life to fullest through Christ he bless me to see and go through my own trails and tribulation and thus why i am the women for the job been through foster care ,adoption, Assault ,a bruise, Rape ,been on the streets homeless ,went through marriage separation and taken in kids for 30 yrs.i am saved by his grace and thus is why i know what most go through or lived through and thus why i am here hit me up online skype dename3 or PayPal or come  appointment I can tell u how to clean and I also do this well so hit me up whats app 

​ Diane Kennedy

Lady kennedys been in business for over 20 years facing differculties we have done ir all we make all your needs our needs and fix your issue as if there our own for the right price we come and go where ever​

​ Diane Kennedy Martinsville VA

"I'm Lady kennedy and i specialize in counseling for kids and adults we specialize in ADHA,mental illness
marriage issues and personel we do it all listen to my testimony and see what makes Ladykennedy the best at what she does

Diane Kennedy Martinsville VA

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